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Transient 0.5 released

I am happy to announce another Transient release! The focus over the last six months was on implementing features that make the lives easier of people who create transient commands; but there are also are a few changes that users will notice.

I’ve also decided to finally drop support for Emacs 25, and hope that decision doesn’t proof too controversial. The last Emacs 25 release (25.3) came out in 2017; over six years ago. The current Emacs version is 29.1; that’s four major releases since 25.1.


Please remember that I rely on donations to make a living, and if you can, support my work (and encourage others to do the same). — Thank you!

Improvements for transient authors

The changes described below, only directly affect package authors and users who implement their own transients. If that does not describe you, then all you have to know is that many features were fine-tuned and otherwise improved, opening up some new use-cases and making some things easier to implement. This will hopefully lead to improvements in your favorite transient-using packages in the coming months.

This release also contains bug fixes, various documentation updates, and a larger amount of code clean-ups than usual.

Comments on Reddit and Github.

Posted on 28th November 2023