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Transient 0.4 released

It has been a while since the last release, in large part because there was one major issue, I was struggling with. A few months ago I finally came up with a satisfying solution, and since that has proven stable since then, it is now time for a new release.

This release also contains many other important changes, including many bug fixes, but here I will just list some user-visible changes. For information on other changes, see the CHANGELOG.

Finally I should note, that I still haven’t gotten around to making the manual more useful as an introduction (or to writing a separate introduction). I found it impossible to motivate myself to work on that, largely due to the situation mentioned in the next section.

However, Psionic K has stepped up and created the Transient Showcase, a very useful resource.

I need your support

The donations I receive for my work on Magit, Transient and many other Emacs packages and projects, are my only source of income. For most of the last ten years that has been the case. Unfortunately after all that time, I still earn less than half of the median income were I live, and it has started to take its toll.

For a variety of reasons, I find it difficult to ask for more donations, but just waiting for more users to decide to contribute, without actively being encouraged to do so, does not work nearly well enough. As the fundraiser in 2017 and a more recent appeal have shown, if I do make users aware of the situation and ask for help, then many are happy to donate.

But unless one checks Emacs news every day, such a one-time appeal is easy to be missed; so for the foreseeable future, I am going to add a note like this to all announcements and blog posts. I need to find myself 1,000 True Fans soon.

Thanks for your support!

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Posted on 10th May 2023