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Git-Modes available from NonGNU Elpa and Melpa

I am pleased to announce that I have released Git-Modes on NonGNU Elpa as well as on Melpa. Git-Modes provides three simple major modes for editing Git configuration files.

Previously these modes were available from Melpa as three separate packages named gitattributes-mode, gitconfig-mode and gitignore-mode. These packages have been removed and you should remove them locally too and then install git-modes, but make sure that it is already available before you do. That can take a few hours.

The motivation for merging the packages into just one is that while many users may only regularly edit .git/config and maybe .gitignore, it is not such a bad thing if a major mode is ready to go when they first open .gitattributes.

To celebrate the occation, I have bumped the minor version to four, hurray, though there aren’t really any other noteworth changes. What else is there to say?

Well, this seem like a good time to thank all of the original authors of these modes for their work. So thanks you!

While working adding this package to NonGNU Elpa, I have synchronized the [Non]GNU Elpa and elpa-admin documentation, which have diverged a bit over time, and intend to help with removing duplication and updating stale information. The documentation is actually quite good if you read it carefully. If you plan to add a package to [Non]GNU Elpa, then I recommend you look at the README of the elpa-admin package; that is the most up-to-date and complete incarnation. I’ve also found and fixed a few minor issues in elpa-admin and am going to submit that tomorrow or so.

That’s it for the night. Happy hacking.

Comments on Reddit and Github.

Posted on 20th October 2021