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Forge 0.2 released

I am excited to announce the release of Forge version 0.2, consisting of 386 commits since the last feature release two and a half year ago.

What is Forge?

Forge lets you work with Git “forges”, such as Github and Gitlab, from the comfort of Magit and the rest of Emacs.

Finally, a release!

I couldn’t release this before releasing Magit 3.0.0, which I did earlier today. Going forward I plan to release more often.

What changed?

Well, a lot; but I did not keep a changelog and don’t feel like going through a few hundred commits now. Let’s just say there are improvements across the board and that we shouldn’t delay the release any further just because I don’t feel like populating the changelog. ;)

Comments on Reddit and Github.

Posted on 25th May 2021