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Transient 0.3 released

I am excited to announce the release of Transient version 0.3, consisting of 87 commits since the second release a year ago. The release notes can be found here.

This release adds many small convenience features targeted at authors of transient commands. For a list of those features, please see the release notes. Unfortunately I still have not written a tutorial or made the manual easier to digest, but those things are still on my todo list.

End users should for the most part not notice any differences. M-p and M-n can no longer be used to move through the history of a transient; and either C-M-p and C-M-n, or C-x p and C-x n have to be used instead. This was done to to free all M-<char> for use by individual transients.

This is the first release that is published on GNU Elpa. Just as I was getting ready for this release, the topic of adding transient to Emacs itself came up on emacs-devel. I am flattered by this prospect and would love to see transient being used by more packages, and even core packages.

Obviously I still have to improve the documentation before that can happen. Aside from that some bad interactions with the minibuffer have to be addressed and where-is has to be taught how to look inside transients.

Posted on 21st February 2021