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Magit 2.13 released

I am excited to announce the release of Magit version 2.13, consisting of 166 commits since the last feature release two month ago. The release notes can be found here.

It’s Magit! A Git interface inside Emacs

Magit is a text-based Git user interface that puts an unmatched focus on streamlining workflows. Commands are invoked using short mnemonic key sequences that take the cursor’s position in the highly actionable interface into account to provide context-sensitive behavior.

With Magit you can do nearly everything that you can do when using Git on the command-line, but at greater speed and while taking advantage of advanced features that previously seemed too daunting to use on a daily basis. Many users will find that by using Magit they can become more effective Git user.

For more information about Magit, see https://magit.vc and these blog posts.

Last release to support Emacs 24.4 and Git 1.9.4

As announced earlier older Emacs and Git versions won’t be supported much longer. This is the last Magit release to support Emacs 24.4 and Git 1.9.4. Going forward at least Emacs 25.1 and Git 2.4 are required.

Additionally many functions and variables that have been declared obsolete for a while now are going to be removed after this release.

All of these changes will happen on master, the development branch. Note that the snapshot packages on Melpa are built from that branch. If you cannot update Emacs and/or Git now, then you should pin Magit to Melpa-Stable to stick with this release (and bugfix releases) for the time being.

A note about key bindings

Many changes in this release are related to file-visiting buffers in one way or another. The next release will also focus on files and the buffers visiting them.

Because there aren’t yet any Magit-specific conventions to build on and because the newly added functionality in many cases is still in its early stages and subject to changed, some of the new commands mentioned below do not have a default key binding yet, or else their binding might change in the near future.

Improved blaming support

Augmenting a file- or blob-visiting buffer with blame information was completely rewritten, making the implementation more robust and adding many new features.

Other changes

This release also contains other minor improvements, bug fixes, typo fixes, and documentation fixes; some of which are mentioned in the release notes.

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Posted on 2nd June 2018